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~ Sustainability Education ~

The next obvious place we would find ourselves as we explore the world of sustainable living would be to seek out further "education" - right? This is where finding the "best of the best" is vital - there are hundreds of organizations sprouting up everywhere whose missions are to "educate" the public. Unfortunately many of these well meaning organizations use outdated fear tactics in their approaches. The Interdependent Project is striving to guarantee that the organizations and institutes we feature and recommend meet our "Fear Free Solution Sphere" standard. We believe that people can learn best through inspiration and the existing schools, programs, workshops, seminars, learning centers, new/developing universities, and accreditation progams we recommend here have met this standard.

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It's more than our school color

Through new ideas, innovative partnerships and academic rigor, Portland State University students, faculty, and campus leaders are meeting the environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time. Sustainability is a process. By thinking about sustainability as a continuum rather than an endpoint, the Portland State University is better positioned to identify successes while simultaneously focusing on future goals. Portland State aims to be a living laboratory of sustainability, with our efforts at research and education fully integrated with the community around us.

Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way.

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education believes that:

~There is hope for a future with a healthy environment, a strong economy, and a just society.
~Young people must understand the important role they play in creating this sustainable future. The best way to reach young people is by working directly with their entire community educators, government officials, community members, and the business community.
~Effective education combines engaging and relevant content with the highest quality pedagogy.
~And, most of all, we believe that we can help!

First in the NationArizona State University's School
of Sustainability is the first of its kind: a comprehensive degree-granting program with a transdisciplinary focus on finding real-world solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Why Sustainability Education?


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