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Funny how the Earth IS organic yet we label things "organic"...

This branch of the Tree of Sustainability grows all the "organic" leaves - we included "bio-technology" because that is the field of study that is foundational to understanding how the Earth (and our bodies) has built in self-sustaining systems. In this part of the Tree one can access the "fruits" of sustainable living - right down to an organic pair of socks...or whatever...We will strive to bring you only the "best of the best"...

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An Earth Saving Revolution
A Means to resolve our world's problems through
Effective Micro-organisms
(EM) Technology

What is EM (Effective Micro-organisms?

EM™ is an acronym coined by its developer, Dr. Teruo Higa, consisting of the initial letters of "Effective Microorganisms™". As a commercial product, it is marketed and sold as "EM•1®" by authorized licensees around the globe.

EM•1® is a liquid containing many co-existing microorganisms. The major groups of microorganisms in EM•1® are lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria. EM™ was first developed in 1982 as an alternative to chemicals in the field of agriculture. Through extensive research and experiments over time, EM™ became recognized as effective in various fields, including environmental remediation, composting organic waste, reducing odor in livestock operations, treating wastewater and many more. We call the technology that utilizes EM•1®, EM Technology™.

What's The Deal
Organic Foods?

organic earth intro videos

Permaculture 101


What is permaculture?
This very simple video gives a glimpse but it you want a good view then visit the Permaculture Research
Institute of Australia




A Homegrown Revolution!

See how much fresh
organic food is being
grown on a tenth of
an acre at a Pasadena
urban neighborhood
family home!

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