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The Earth Charter


Mission Statement
To deliver and provide from a "Fear Free Solution Sphere"
World-Bridging REGENERATIVE Multi-Media information,
resources, education, networking, and entertainment FOR and ABOUT Sustainable Living
and the Sustainability Movement


In the past and present many organizations have had to focus their missions on educating the public about the nature of our problems in relationship to living on this planet in healthy ways.

Due to the success of these endeavors many people these days are ready to move toward implementing solutions. There has been minimum coverage in the media about actual real life solutions and the sustainability movement as a whole is scattered across the internet making it difficult for someone who knows nothing to find inspiring solution orientated information about the progress we are making as a species.

The Interdependent Project platform is delivering inspiring and innovative ideas-solutions-news that has been developed by those who have committed their lives to seeking the answers to our collective issues. The Interdependent Project's mission is to bring you the "best of the best" sustainable solution orientated information available without you having to go through the 29,800,000+ websites currently listed under a "sustainability" search on Google.

The Interdependent Project has developed content guidelines for the purpose of delivering content and information in a way that allows people to access important and inspiring information without the heavy guilt trips and fear based predictions of our ultimate doom.
We believe the past few generations (Baby Boomers, GenX & GenY) have been over-stimulated with negative news and are ready to move into another sphere of existence that is based on positive action.

Our mission will continue to expand and define itself as our understandings of Interdependence evolves from choosing a sustainable path.

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