So write your Declaration if you dare...
and if you are really daring share it with us and we will post it on the Declarations page.
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So wazup with the DARE?

Well you have to be pretty daring to "Declare Interdependence"...

Because you have to release any and all former belief systems that upheld the notion
of separation between you and everything/everyone in your universe. This means walking a path of ultimate self responsibility - you have to be pretty brave and
daring to embark upon that journey.

Chances are high though that you would not have even found this website if you
were not already making such a choice and we congratulate you on your
choices that have led you here.

Recognizing and living interdependence is easier said than done,
far more complicated than anyone could have guessed,
and wrought with unprecedentd challenges for someone
that has been raised and indoctrinated into the
independent/dependent paradigm.

'Declaring Interdependence'
(and asking others to do the same)
is not a decision to be taken lightly.
If you dare, contemplate deeply what this concept
of interdependence means for you.
You may be suprised at what you discover about
yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

Another thing we know for sure at this point is that this project is
not at all 'dependent' upon QUANTITY
nor is it 'independent' from the QUALITY
of people involved with it.

It is NOT a non-profit seeking thousands of 'members'..
it IS a multi-media information portal seeking to share
valuable information with those who have a desire to live
authentic lives with a deep commitment towards sustainable living.

So in a nutshell we are not looking to:
Grow a huge 'email list'
Enlist the masses into some kind of 'cause'.
Have a social network full of 'one time visitors'.
Create alliances with flaky or self important entities.
Offer any kind of 'self-help' advise to those seeking to balance themselves.
[This list is subject to expansion on an as need basis]

Therefore we reserve the right to reject anyone from becoming a part of this matrix
and reserve the right to demand authentic involvement and commitment.
Those two words should be enough to scare off those who think that we are all about serving their unhealthy dependency or arrogant independence.
We are mirthfully serious about what we do, and hope that you will be
mirthfully serious as well if you choose to 'join' the Interdependent Network
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The Sustainable Way~ LIVE IT!

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