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We began this with learning a little about the importance of "Sustain Yourself." We stepped onto the "Path of Beauty" and took a glimpse into the idea of the next "Seven Generations." We decided to reach toward "Sustainability Education" to learn more about our "Organic Earth". We found startling new ideas about "Energy" and now we return to our home to ponder. Our Homes - where we live and how they hold space for us. What kind of a homes do we live in? There has been a movement going on now for years known as the "Green Building Movement" that has been pioneering new ways to design and build the dwellings we inhabit throughout our lives that we call "home."

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Earth Shelters 101

In the past uniform building codes have always been a barrier to alternative "green" building but today more and more governments at different levels are changing laws due to the demand from home owner builders. This video is a promo video advocating green building.


What is LEED and why should you care?

The LEED Green Building Rating System is the beginning of setting a new and higher standard of building not only our homes, but major construction projects. This video is a presentation by Tracie Hall, Executive Director of the U.S. Green Building Council explaining what LEED is and how it works.

Building Green
This 2 part 17 minute video documentary shows how homes can be remodeled to meet new standards. Many people may not be able to build a new home from the ground up but this video shows how any ole' home can become a green home!
Part One
Part Two

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