~Beginnings ~
How did it all start? Simply put, we wanted to create a multi-media web portal dedicated to sustainability with exclusive focus on 'solutions'. We wanted to create a media portal where someone who has never heard of sustainability can get a clear view of what it is all about without having to wade through the heavy preambles of doom that seem to always precede any information related to sustainability. We also wanted to create a web portal that would serve as a matrix for connecting people with the 'best of the best' initiatives, organizations, businesses, resources, and networks who are pioneering our global transition into a sustainable future.and to provide those who have been within the sustainability movement a continually fresh perspective on the importance of their contribution and progress updates.


Since the website launch in December 2008 the Interdependent Project
has been visited by 142 countries and established itself as a high quality
portal for information about sustainability.

~ Future ~

The Interdependent Project was birthed with a powerful common dream/vision
of a sustainable future.

We are continuing to blaze trails through sections of the forest that have been long ignored, and building bridges where there isn’t any.

We see a sustainable future and will hold that vision while we lend our energies to manifesting it.

Many thanks to all the Interdependent Project Matrix Weavers that have been with us since the beginning. We have a dream for how the success of this project will potentially impact and support developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities. .

There is a saying that goes, "Men plan and God laughs". As far as the future of the Interdependent Project goes we figure that if we keep laughing then a higher force will put us into alignment with the highest plan.Our unbending "intent" to birth this project has opened up doors that we have been honored to walk through but could have never "planned". We trust in the idea that people learn best when they are laughing.

Humor is the number one virtue of some cultures and if you are already laughing then you don't notice when someone is laughing at you while you pursue your dreams.

The movement of our time


The Future is NOW...
What is comes down to is this:
YOU will be the one to define what Interdependence is as you make
choices to live more sustainably.
Interdependence is experiential and its definition will be found
within your own personal choices.

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